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Our Vision and Our Mission

Our vision is to be a leading materials company in the high-purity (HPQ) silica energy and industrial verticals.
Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality materials, using sustainable and responsible practices, and to continuously improve our offerings through innovation based on customer feedback, while fostering a culture of safety, teamwork, and social and environmental respect.

Homerun's Corporate Strategy

Homerun is a Materials Company that processes silica into industrial inputs like solar glass and silicon, and can extend its reach through the entire industrial vertical all the way to the end product or solution. Homerun has a Three-Phase Strategic Plan that will include the Company extending its reach into verticals specifically addressing the energy transition.

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The Critical Market for HPQ Silica

Homerun Has a

Strategic Three-Phase Plan

Phase One - HPQ Silica Supply

Phase One was to secure a steady and reliable source of HPQ Silica against a backdrop of increasing global demand in sustainable industrial and green energy applications. The Company is now positioned in a massive critical minerals market and will benefit from the increasing demand for both HPQ Silica and the products and solutions produced from HPQ Silica.

Phase Two - Infrastructure and Logistics

The required logistics for our silica sand production are (1) extraction, (2) processing, (3) transport and storage, and (4) shipping. During H1-2024, we have been focused on a partnership strategy in these areas to reduce our need for CAPEX financing. These strategic partnership discussions are in process, and we expect continual announcements in this regard.

Phase Three - Revenue and Vertical Integration

Homerun is driving toward revenue. Revenues will be tied to the delivery of HPQ sand in its natural, upgraded and vertically integrated form to service organizations requiring HPQ Silica and other verticals extracted from our sand in Belmonte. At the same time, we are executing research and development plans to secure competitive advantage either directly or via partnership in HPQ Silica verticals serving the Energy Transition.

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Discover an exciting investment opportunity with our company, poised to become a pioneering force in the high-purity HPQ silica industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the surging global demand for new energy and industrial applications. 

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