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At Homerun, we believe high-purity silica sand to be a critical raw material for assisting in the worlds transition to clean energy. As the world shifts towards a greener, more sustainable future, the demand for silica sand is likely to increase drastically, making it a crucial resource in the global effort to combat climate change.
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Solar Glass

HPQ silica sand is used to make the solar glass and is the raw material for silicon wafers that are the primary component of solar cells. The silica sand is purified and then melted at high temperatures to form ingots, which are then sliced into thin wafers. These wafers are then processed and assembled into solar cells, which are combined into modules with solar glass to create a solar panel.
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HPQ silica has emerged as a critical enabler of this transition. With its exceptional purity and remarkable thermal resistance, HPQ silica plays a vital role in advancing renewable energy technologies. As the world strives to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and embrace sustainable energy solutions, HPQ silica stands at the forefront.
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Energy Storage

HPQ silica sand is used in multiple capacities in the production of lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems. Specifically, silica is used as a coating material for the electrodes in the battery. The silica coating helps improve the stability and performance of the battery, leading to increased efficiency and longer lifespan. Silica to silicon is now being utilized in hybrid and pure silicon anodes.

"Silica sand is the world’s second-most consumed resource after water, and it is running out. Not only is it the foundational ingredient of the modern city, but it is also a critical material for the Earth's renewable transition."

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Our modern society is built on materials. HPQ Silica, is one of these materials, and is used in multiple industrial and commercial products including many solutions in the energy and technology sectors. In the manufacture of solar systems, HPQ Silica is the basic material used to produce both polysilicon and solar glass. In the manufacture of mobile devices, HPQ Silica is used to produce both processing chips and interactive glass. Without HPQ Silica, there would be no solar energy generation and there would be no mobile devices.

Clear Glass Grade - Approximately $30.00 USD / Tonne 99.5%
Semi Conductor / Optical Glass - Approximately $225.00 USD / Tonne 99.8%
Low Grade HPQ - Approximately $300.00 USD / Tonne 99.95%
Medium Grade HPQ - Approximately $500.00 USD / Tonne 99.99%
High Grade HPQ - Approximately $5000.00 USD / Tonne 99.997%

Phase 1 - HPQ silica Supply

Homerun has secured a substantial supply of HPQ silica that can be efficiently processed to serve the premium end-markets for HPQ silica.

Phase 2 - Infrastructure and Logistics

Homerun's focus is on integrating infrastructure and logistics for the mining, transportation, storage and processing of its HPQ Silica.

Phase 3 - Revenue and Vertical Integration

Initial revenues will be tied to the delivery of sand in its natural form while we develop the infrastructure and logistics required to service the balance of those organizations requiring processed HPQ silica.

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"Our silica business strategy comprises three fundamental phases: (1) procurement, (2) efficient logistics and processing, and (3) revenues. We have been simultaneously developing all three phases, and we encourage you to stay engaged as we tirelessly strive to create exceptional value by achieving significant business milestones to the benefit of our valued shareholders."
CEO Brian Leeners

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Questions And Answers

HPQ silica sand, also known as High Purity Quartz sand, is a specialized form of silica sand that is exceptionally pure and consists of high levels of quartz.

HPQ silica sand stands out due to its remarkable purity, with quartz content exceeding 99.99%. This high purity level makes it ideal for various high-tech applications.

HPQ silica sand finds applications in industries such as electronics, optics, solar panels, and semiconductors due to its excellent properties, including high thermal and chemical resistance.

HPQ silica sand is typically extracted through conventional mining methods and then undergoes various processes like screening, washing, and flotation to remove impurities and achieve its high purity level.

High purity in HPQ silica sand is crucial because impurities can negatively impact the performance of products it’s used in. In industries like electronics, even minute impurities can cause defects.

While HPQ silica sand is more commonly associated with high-tech industries, its unique properties might also find applications in construction, especially in areas requiring extreme durability.

HPQ silica sand can be considered environmentally friendly due to its natural origin. However, like any mining operation, responsible extraction and processing practices are essential to minimize environmental impact.

HPQ silica sand plays a role in renewable energy technologies like solar panels due to its high purity and thermal resistance. It enhances the efficiency and lifespan of these energy-generating systems.

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