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Vancouver, B.C.: Homerun Resources Inc. (“Homerun” or the “Company”) (TSXV.HMR) today Brian Leeners, CEO provides a comprehensive shareholder update on the recent corporate developments within the execution of our three-phase strategic growth plan.

We hope this message finds you well. We are thrilled to share our vision and commentary on recent developments within our Strategic Plan. Our vision is to become a leading energy and industrial materials company built upon our supply of high-purity quartz silica (HPQ Silica).

Why HPQ Silica

Our modern society is built on materials. HPQ Silica, is one of these materials, and is used in multiple industrial and commercial products including many solutions in the energy and technology sectors. In the manufacture of solar systems, HPQ Silica is the basic material used to produce both polysilicon and solar glass. In the manufacture of mobile devices, HPQ Silica is used to produce both processing chips and interactive glass. Without HPQ Silica, there would be no solar energy generation and there would be no mobile devices. Global supplies of HPQ Silica are being exhausted much faster than they are being discovered, and if shoring up the supply of the world’s second-most used commodity after water is not already front of mind for investors, governments, and regulators around the world, it will be soon.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently published its 2023 Critical Materials Assessment, highlighting the undeniable importance of silicon in energy solutions like solar and storage. The DOE’s report underscores the critical need for stable and reliable supplies of silicon. As stated previously, silicon is processed from HPQ Silica.

Homerun Three-Phase Plan

Homerun is more than a resource company; it is a Materials Company. A resource company mines silica. A Materials Company processes silica into industrial inputs like silicon and can extend its reach through the entire industrial vertical all the way to the end product or solution. Homerun has a Three-Phase Strategic Plan that will include the Company extending its reach into verticals specifically addressing the energy transition.

Phase One – HPQ Silica Supply

Homerun recently announced that the Company has successfully secured a substantial supply of HPQ Silica in Brazil. This exceptional resource can be efficiently processed to serve the premium end-markets for HPQ Silica. The strategic imperative under Phase One, was to secure a steady and reliable source of HPQ Silica against a backdrop of increasing global demand in sustainable industrial and green energy applications. The Company is now positioned in a massive critical minerals market and will benefit from the increasing demand for both HPQ Silica and the products and solutions produced from HPQ Silica.

Phase Two – Infrastructure and Logistics

HPQ Silica can be sold in its natural form, but to access many end-uses the raw sand is processed (washed, sized and upgraded) prior to its use in most industries. Under Phase Two of the Company’s Strategic Plan, Homerun, has been focused on integrating infrastructure and logistics for the mining, transportation, storage and processing of its HPQ Silica. Announcements in this area will be forthcoming over the balance of the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2023.

Phase Three – Revenue and Vertical Integration

Homerun is driving toward revenue. Initial revenues will be tied to the delivery of sand in its natural form while we develop the infrastructure and logistics required to service the balance of those organizations requiring processed HPQ Silica. At the same time, we are executing research and development plans to secure competitive advantage either directly or via partnership in HPQ Silica verticals serving the Energy Transition. Announcements in this area will be forthcoming over the balance of 2023 and beyond.

Brian Leeners, CEO, stated, “We would like to extend our appreciation to you, our esteemed shareholders. Your unwavering support and trust have been instrumental in driving our Company forward. Together, we have embraced an opportunity to make a lasting economic, environmental, and social impact while fostering long-term value. As we continue to execute our Strategic Plan, rest assured that we will remain dedicated to our mission, diligently exploring new opportunities, and striving for excellence in all aspects of our operations. We are excited about the future and eager to share our continued progress and success with you. Thank you for your incredible support and belief in the Homerun Vision.”

About Homerun Resources 

Homerun Resources is focused on the development of its business within the critical and energy materials sectors.  With a steadfast commitment to operational excellence, sustainability, and building shareholder value, Homerun Resources Inc. is poised to make a lasting impact in these industries.

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Homerun Resources Inc. 

“Brian Leeners” 

Brian Leeners, CEO & Director 

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